Visit of the Secretary of the IAMA to the National Defence Academy of Latvia (NAA)

On 9 March 2022, Dr. Ian Parenteau, the secretary of the IAMA visited the National Defence Academy of Latvia (NAA) in Riga. He met with the rector of NAA/ TRADOC commander Col. Oskars Kudlis, the vice-rector, Major Andris Rozītis; Dr. Tomz Rostoks, Director of the Center for Security and Strategic Research; and Ms. Zane Ribakova, International cooperation coordinator, to discuss future cooperation and the possibility of joining the IAMA. On 11 March 2022, he addressed a conference to the students and members of the personnel of NAA on the topic of “Disinformation, Political Polarization and the Role of Social Media Algorithms”.

Vice-rector Major Andris Rozītis giving a plaque to Dr. Ian Parenteau, 11 March 2022, NAA, Riga.