University of North Georgia (UNG) – U.S. Higher Education and America’s National Security Symposium (April 6-7, 2022)

University of North Georgia’s (UNG) – upcoming event - United States Higher Education and National Security Symposium (April 6-7, 2022).

Date: April 6-7, 2022
Location: UNG’s Dahlonega Campus, Convocation Center

An educated populace provides a public and private good for American society strengthening U.S. military and non-military elements of national security. For the purpose of this symposium, national security is the safekeeping and well-being of the nation as a whole. The U.S. military is a vital component of the national security apparatus, but other means of assuring security include economic, environmental, energy, political, and human security, among others. Higher education plays a crucial role in all aspects of national security.

This symposium will explore the nexus between U.S. higher education and America’s national security. The University of North Georgia’s Institute for Leadership and Strategic Studies, College of Education, and Strategic and Security Studies Program will partner with the Army War College, the Association of the United States Army, and the Army Strategist Association to host this symposium. Potential questions that may stimulate ideas and contribute to the discussion are:

  • What is the current relationship between higher education and the military in the United States? What is the future of that relationship?
  • What are the contemporary issues in U.S. higher education that impact national security?
  • What U.S. higher education-related national policies or programs exist to enhance national security?
  • What U.S. national security higher educational needs are not being addressed, or being inadequately addressed in the academe?
  • What do other countries do to enhance the relationship between their higher education systems and their own national security interests?

Symposium format. The symposium will consist of a series of speakers and panels on 6 and 7 April 2022. Panelists will be selected competitively from those who submit abstracts for papers, and travel and lodging will be covered by the symposium. Paper submission guidelines are below.

ILSS Symposium 2022 Paper Submission Guidelines
U.S. and international scholars, graduate, and undergraduate students are invited to submit abstracts for papers on topics related to the theme. Please submit abstracts (500 words) and short bio (150 words) by February 1, 2022 to Conference panelists will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Panelists will be notified of acceptance by March 1, 2022. Symposium participants may submit articles for possible inclusion in a peer-reviewed symposium monograph to be published by the University of North Georgia Press. The deadline for article submissions will be July 7, 2022.

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