ISOMA 2019

The Commandant of the Military Academy Karlberg and the  Swedish Defence University are pleased to  arrange the International Symposium of Military Academies (ISOMA) 2019 (formerly ISoDoMA)

Stockholm 20-23 May 2019

Registration form

Head of delegation should fill in a joint Request for visit form for the whole delegation. The form should be a PDF file and should be sent to your local Swedish embassy and/or Consulate.

Request for visit (Word)

We are proud to announce that the theme of the 2019 symposium is “Managing Adaptation in Military Education and Training” 

Guidelines for submission of papers

The deadline for submission of papers is April 15th.

Submissions to ISOMA 2019 should be in the form of a standard academic ”think piece” paper (in English) of 3000-4500 words with references. Please indicate what panel the paper is submitted for.

Adapting to new Strategic Environments

  • Are traditional approaches still relevant?
  • What type of officer is needed?
  • Is a more closely integrated force structure inevitable due to the impact of new technologies?

Adjusting to Social Change

  • Young officers and traditions: An inevitable conflict?
  • Training the young officers of the 21st century
  • Responding to contemporary social expectations in military academies.

The Challenge of Expansion

  • Managing the quantity vs quality tension
  • Adjusting training regimes to the demand of higher numbers
  • Higher numbers and the impact on military education

Each lecture will be followed by panel discussions led by a moderator.

You are hereby invited to submit papers. For further information, please contact us at this email address:


Military Academy Karlberg, Stockholm (Solna)